The Web Expansion Project | Portland Based Website Developer 15 Years In Business

Head Image: We have been developing for the Internet for 15 years. Our experience benefits our clients. You may ask what is SEO? We know SEO!
David Engstrom Lead Developer At The Web Expansion Project

About Our  Website Development Business

David Engstrom started out working on the Web in 1995 when he ran a successful online technology magazine. Now he has turned his talents to website design and creation.

There are two ways to work with a developer like me. One is to give the developer all the pertinent information and tell him to go make a site. The other is to work collaboratively  so that the look and feel of the site becomes a co-creation with the designer teasing out from the client the vision they have for their business or venture. I can work both ways but prefer when there is a lot of client input so that their site is a reflection of them, even if that takes more time and effort.

Contact me for a free evaluation of your online development need,  check out the client resources and send me and email. My rates are reasonable. Let’s see how we can create a Web presence that will work for you and your business.