The Hillsdale Farmer’s Market website was created in Feb/March of 2017. It was a project, the goal of which, was to create a new website using the WordPress content management system for a local business. For the market, we chose the Lycka lite theme  because of its clean and friendly responsive design that works well both on mobile devices and desktop machines.  The background images of pumpkins can be changed according to the season. The site has a slide show on the front page. Every page has rotating customer testimonials. There is an interactive Google map in the sidebar. Also in the sidebar are social media icons allowing visitors to interact with the Market’s social media presence. The site has a blog for market vendors to communicate with customers and excerpts of the blog posts show up in the sidebar. There are contact forms on the site for customers to contact the Market, a form for potential vendors to apply to the market and a form for volunteers to sign up and help out at the market. On the volunteer page is featured a carousal of pop up pictures of market volunteers. To visit and explore the complete site visit

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