The Portland Historical Tours project was, to create a website for this fictional company that was both professional and geared to the clients business needs. What we ended up putting together was a website built entirely from scratch that was a one page website loaded with features. Why a one page website? The business was a small business so it did not need a sprawling presence on the web and because most visitors want the information they are after to be quick and easy to access. The level of drop off after the initial frontpage contact, for most sites, with first time visitors, is huge. For repeat customers they want to get in and out as efficiently as possible. What better way to provide that than  with a single page … if you can do so? The less clicking the better. We will explain the whole process below.

We were given the following information assets  to create a website for the fictional company Portland Historical Tours, along with a handful of images, all of which were to be used. How we built the website and met the client’s requirements was up to us.

We first considered a multipage site with a page for each tour and sundry pages for other items, like a Contact Page and About Us page. However we did not feel the client had enough data about each tour to justify seperate pages for each one. We opted for the single page option quickly and set about coming up with a way to implement it. This is what we came up with.

Three Sections on the Homepage covering each Tour: Downtown, Growth and Landmarks


Within each tour section there are 4 subsections

1) The always visible Tour Description with the customer endorsement, tour image and tour route map as seen above.


2) The What’s Included (in the tour) section


3) The Compare Tours section


4) The Signup section


The last three of these sections can be made visible or hidden, independent of each other, by clicking on the separate links. Or they can all be open at the same time as below


Also included in the one page site is a Contact Form that can be hidden or made visible


Additional features of each Tour Section is a Popup Map detailing the Tour Route and Popup Tour Image


The site is also completely Mobile Responsive


Other Features include:

  • Persistent Menu that stays visible at the top of the page as you scroll down
  • Link to Google Map of Business Location

Our Final Letter to the client can be seen here

Visit and explore  the complete site