You Need More Than A Website

You Need A Website That Will Work For Your Business, Services Or Non-Profit

If you are in business and do not have an effective website that is SEO friendly, you probably are only seeing very local business and are unaware of all exposure that a well developed website presence can give you. Today even the Yellow Pages are online. You should be too. Here is how we can help … 

A well constructed website can give you the following benefits:

  • Expanded market exposure = new markets for your goods and services, with worldwide potential
  • Easy, cost effective communication with current customers
  • Save money by cutting back in previous advertising venues — You’ll have your own online billboard
  • Collect sophisticated marketing data
  • Show that your feet are fully in the future and that your business is moving forward

We Can Build Such A Webstie For You And More. Contact Us For A Free Consultation

What do your customers want in  a Website.

Usability – Your site needs to be easy and straight forward to get around in. You do not need to entertain them … Just provide them with a pleasant, but efficient stroll.

Looks and FunctionalityYour site need to look good with the appearance of being well kept. Not look like something you bought at the bargain store having links that go nowhere. Technically it has to work for the user without him/her doing  the work your web designer/maintainer should have done.

Mobile First – If your site cannot be used well on a Smart Phone (iPhone or Android), again you are fading into invisibility. Most people are now using mobile devices to search the Internet, both at home and on the road.

 Simplicity Flashy, complicated websites where things are moving all over the place are entertaining for the moment, but when the adult brain kicks in, it doesn’t like to use such sites. Stick to quality, attractiveness and simplicity, to get information about your businesses products or services across to website customers

If you do not have a website, as a business, you do not really exist. For future customers, looking for your goods and services, they will not find out much about you without a good search/mobile friendly (SEO) website. Traditional methods went out with the payphone and the phonebook.

Worse yet if you have a bad, unattractive, sloppily built, or hard to use Website for your business, not only will that frustrate users but it will advertise to them that if you care so little about your Web presence,  how much can your services or products be trusted.

At The Web Expansion Project we have been using and developing for the Web since 1995. For  the last 5 years we have been creating quality websites largely using the WordPress content management system (CSM).

We can build you a website that is:

  • High quality & reflects the values and vision of your business, service or non-profit
  • Good looking and Simple to use
  • Easy to maintain, update and modify
  • Can grow as your business grows
  • That is developed to be Search Engine (Google) friendly (SEO)
  • That is mobile first

All at a reasonable price.

Your competition is creating such websites. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep up and exceed what they are doing.